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TutorElite tutors work face-to-face with our clients to help them excel academically. Therefore, we only hire the best of the best to join our elite team. As such, we require a minimum of a 75% average for the university subject/s (80% for the high school subject/s) that the tutor wishes to tutor as well as exceptional communication skills from the tutor.

If you would like to join our team, then please read the information document to start your process of becoming a TutorElite tutor.

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Once you have read the above information document, please complete this form and attach the necessary documentation.

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    At TutorElite we are passionate about education, learning and development. Therefore, we are excited when we find individuals with ambitions and we would love to help them in their quest for success.

    If you’re one of these individuals, then please contact us with your request to be a part of  the TutorElite Team and highlight which area you think you could learn the most from as an Intern at TutorElite, how long you would like to intern for and the areas that you would like to develop yourself in so that we can endeavor to incorporate you into our structure.


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